Thankful Hearts

The email came to our Chief Possibility Officer’s inbox one Thursday evening, from a Family Scholar House supporter.

The supporter wanted to express her pleasure at a call she received from a Family Scholar House participant during this year’s Thank-A-Thon.

The Thank-A-Thon is exactly what it sounds like–a phone call blitz from participants to supporters to simply say, “thank you.”

This particular call came to the supporter while she was making Sunday dinner, not a time when she would normally answer the phone. But she expressed how grateful she was to have done so, and how glad she was to be able to connect with the FSH participant. That participant and the supporter’s daughter are, as it happens, both pursuing nursing degrees, and so they were able to connect in that regard as well.

One of the gifts of Family Scholar House is the knowledge that we are, after all, not so very different. As families we want good educations for our children, warm meals with our loved ones on Sunday evenings, and the blessing of human interaction.

The expression of gratitude is important–not because it’s necessary, or a “have-to,” but precisely because of what it did here–created an opportunity for one human being to connect with another.

We come to the end of this year with thankful hearts at Family Scholar House–for our staff, our board and committee members, our volunteers and our donors, as well as our community business partners. But most of all, we are thankful for our families, and for the opportunity they give us to all be family, in whatever way we can.

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