How Amazing it Feels!

An FSH Participant Story

“Someone forgot to tell me how amazing it feels to accomplish a college degree. Wow! I DID IT!”

These are the opening words to an email from an FSH participant to FSH staff following her college graduation this past December. Barbara’s email goes on to speak beautifully of the values and mission of Family Scholar House: community.

Which is to say, family.

“As I reflected all the way back to dropping out of school in the seventh grade and living on the streets of Los Angeles, I never thought that at the age of 47 I would be a college graduate. While it is true that obtaining my college degree has been the most challenging yet rewarding accomplishment I have ever experienced, it is just a true that no one person accomplishes a college degree on their own. It takes a community! A community of family, a community of friends to encourage, push and support you along the way. I am so grateful for the community that God has blessed me with through my college journey, the words thank you seem so small.”

Barbara’s words encapsulate the Family Scholar House journey at its best and brightest–a journey that no one participant makes alone, and that no staff person or volunteer works for in isolation. The choosing of “Family” in the organization’s name is intentional and vital in understanding the culture of place where folks like Barbara can walk in, determined to secure a more stable future for her family, and succeed. Not once was Barbara alone. She was, every step of the way, surrounded by chosen family.

This is Family Scholar House. Family matters. And when our families are strongest, so is our community as a whole.

Congratulations, Barbara. And thank you for sharing a bit of your story and your tremendous success with us. We’re grateful you are part of our family.


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