‘Tis the season, right?

Shopping. Lights. Parties and presents and Hallmark movies. Cookies and candy canes. Family and friends.

For many people in Louisville, ‘tis the season to revel in the joy of shared gifts and shared lives and shared meals. And in some ways, this is as it should be. It’s a difficult time to be alive for many folks, and the world can be a scary place–and taking respite in the spirit that often comes with this holiday season is not something to be ashamed of.

Perhaps you cannot wait to gather with friends for your annual Christmas gift exchange. Perhaps your office holiday party is coming up and you have just the perfect outfit. Perhaps you and grandchildren are baking cookies together this weekend. And perhaps you have one of those mischievous little elves at home, and spend a half hour every night deciding what ruckus he will cause next and where the kiddos will find him the next morning.

Perhaps…and, if so…may you enjoy every moment, and find in your heart gratitude for the goodness of it all.

Perhaps, too, you know that at Family Scholar House, there are single parents who don’t have a family–other than the one at FSH–to go home to. Perhaps, too, you know that at FSH there are children who have not seen one of their parents in many years. Perhaps, too, you know that at FSH there are single moms and dads working so hard towards a better future for themselves and their children, and while that future their working towards is so bright, the road is often long, and the holidays can sometimes make it harder.

And perhaps…you might also consider how you can bring a bit of Christmas to a family in need. And that could be as easy as a year-end gift–of any size–to Family Scholar House.

‘Tis the season…and that also means this is not the first request for assistance or donations you will receive. The need is great across our city. But so is the compassion. And what we know at Family Scholar House is that stronger families — of any kind — secure brighter and more stable futures for all of us. Because family matters.

Thank you for being part of the Family Scholar House family. We’d be honored to receive a year-end gift from you, if you are able and so led. Gifts may be given online at www.familyscholarhouse.org, or by contacting Kellie Johnston at kjohnston@familyscholarhouse.org

From our Family here at FSH, to yours–may the joy and gratitude of the season be all of ours.

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