A Season of Celebration

Each May, we take time to celebrate the accomplishments of our participants. Donned in their caps and gowns, our scholars inspire their children to one day also be college graduates. Whether they realize it or not, as each parent walks across the stage, their kids beam with pride. On June 18th, we will have our annual Graduation Celebration. As our participants receive praise for their hard work, their kids receive hats that say, “My Mom’s A Grad!”

Throughout this season of celebration, we experience a full range of emotions. Some truly never believed they could make it this far, others knew they had it in them, but each time they got up to succeed, they were kicked down again. Our graduating class is a group of overcomers. While experiencing any range of factors from homelessness, to domestic violence, to food insecurity, to a gross lack of support, these participants have worked hard in school, raised their kids, provided for their families, but most of all, they have been a role model. They have taken on challenges in order to achieve their highest quality of life. They are one step closer to their goal of self-sufficiency.

The next step for our participants? Finding a job!

If your company is hiring, please feel free to send job descriptions and where to apply to krobinson@familyscholarhouse.org. We would love to share potential opportunities with our hard-working grads!


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