The Importance of Health and Giving It Your All

At Family Scholar House, the very first thing is to ensure that a participant is safe and their basic needs are met. However, if those boxes are checked, is that enough to set our participants up for success?

We don’t think so.

That is why we offer a wide range of support through our Family Advocates and Academic Coaches. Because each participant is assigned to both a Family Advocate and Academic Coach, they can rest assured that there is always someone who has their back. College is not easy, raising children as a single parent is a daily challenge, but with a solid support system, grit, and determination, our participants conquer each day.

One of our participants recently said, “With support coming from every angle, there is no room for failure!” She emphasized the importance of mental health by adding you have to “give it everything you’ve got to give, but never more than what you have to give because your health is your first priority…then everything else.”

We strive to provide the absolute best support for Family Scholar House participants in every way possible. Our participant, Jasmine, said it best: “Give yourself credit, it wasn’t easy getting here!”

Today’s message is simple: take care of yourself so you can give it your all.


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