A LouieConnect Story

Do you know about LouieConnect? LouieConnect is user-friendly app that connects community members in need with those who can help can get their need met. If you are, or know someone who is, struggling with food insecurity, unstable housing, financial emergency, senior or veteran services, or a single parent in crisis, LouieConnect can help.
This past fall, a LouieConnect team member participated in a student resource fair at JCTC this fall. The team member noticed a young man came into the room and was going from table to table asking organizations if they had part time work for college students. They all said no, though a few offered unpaid internships.
The young man, clearly anxious, replied to everyone that he needed paid work. When he got to the LouieConnect table, the team member explained what the site did, and the young man got out his smartphone. The team member learned that the young man was a refugee from the Iraq war and a first generation college student who felt that he was not only attending school for himself, but for his whole family. In other words, there was a great deal riding on his search for a paid internship.

Before he left the room, he was on the phone making an appointment with the Kentucky Youth Career Center, thanks to the “call” feature on LouieConnect. The result of a few minutes of conversation and a couple of taps on his phone resulted in him going from anxious desperation to hope, knowing he could find a path forward for himself and keep making his family proud.
Such is the power of Louie Connect.


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