Career Camp at FSH (Week 1)

Our Community Engagement Intern, Becca Broda (Bellarmine University) has been busy this summer, learning about Family Scholar House and spending time with our families. Two weeks ago, Becca spent her mornings at our first week of Career Camp. It was a great week and she was able to capture it below:

When the final bell rings and summer break begins, many children are ecstatic about getting to sleep in and play with their favorite toys all summer. However, here at Family Scholar House, our youngest scholar’s learning doesn’t end with the beginning of their Summer Break. Our children aged 6-12 spent a week at our Stoddard Johnston Scholar House participating in Career Academy. These young scholars learned from many professionals in our community with unique and inspiring professions.

When walking into Career Academy, the kiddos are greeted by smiling and inspiring faces. They take a seat at the table and begin reading or drawing to begin their day. In the front of the room sits a dry erase board with the information for the day. The whiteboard states the learning topic for the day and the goals of Career Academy: be respectful and kind/nice, follow directions and listen, and use your manners. These goals keep our kiddos focused and motivated for their inspiring and educational day ahead.

On Monday, the learning topic of the day was, “Architecture.” Out students learned from Monica Brown, an Architect at her own firm, Reyes Brown, PLLC. When asked what she wanted to get out of her experience of presenting to our kiddos today, she had a wonderful answer.

“I was in their shoes or worse, I had a lot of naysayers. I wish someone had come to talk to me and tell me that I can do this, I can do anything. I’ve been doing this since I became an architect. These experiences really stick with you.”

Monica talked to the kiddos about her life journey, how she got to college, and she shared elements of her work with them such as hardhats, work boots, and the many unique tools of an architect. She also encouraged their creative minds by helping them build masterpieces with the Imagination Station.

On Wednesday, the learning topic of the day was, “Agriculture.” Mandy from Pure Pollen Flowers came to talk to our kiddos about flower farming.

Mandy explained the importance of protecting pollinators such as bees, birds, and butterflies and also explained how important these pollinators are in ensuring that our flowers continue to be produced. She also passed around seeds for the kiddos to look at with a magnifying glass. Many of them really enjoyed these activities! It even made them more excited for the flower art project that each of our kiddos made. Mandy ended the day with our children by helping them each make their own mini floral arrangements, which they absolutely loved!

Career Academy exposed some of our youngest scholars to careers they may not have known even existed, AND they got to meet real and exciting people who work those professions everyday!



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