Summer at Family Scholar House

It’s summertime in Kentuckiana.  For many children, that means lazy days spent by the pool, away at summer camp, running up and down a Florida beach, hiking in the mountains with family or taking lessons meant to hone their soccer, football, music, dancing or crafting skills.  Bare feet are the rule, sleeping late is a possibility, and across warm, sunny days, there’s all sorts of fun and adventure to be had.

This is not the case for most children at Family Scholar House.  Hello Kitty or Sponge-Bob themed band-aids to nurse scraped knees are a luxury. So, too, are bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and the sort of pull-ups that make it okay for the littlest and diapered ones to swim or run through a sprinkler.  In other words, what many families take for granted in the midst of summer fun, our families are often not able to manage  on very, very tight budgets.

How can you help?  Well, because we know FSH is supported by some incredibly generous folks, we thought you might ask just that!  So we’ve made our own “Target List.”  Via this list, you can discover some of the basic needs of our families this summer, choose them yourself on your own trip to Target, or, order the items straight off the website and have them shipped directly to us at Family Scholar House.  It couldn’t be easier–and we’d certainly appreciate any item–no matter how large or small—you’re able to assist our families with.

Please cut and paste the link below into your web browser and follow it to our FSH Target List–and know how grateful we are for your assistance.  Our families thank you!


FSH Target Summer List

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